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I am a lawful resident can I petition my mother that was already petitioned by my father through K-1 visa?

Vallejo, CA |

My mother was petitioned by my father throught K-1 visa and she was already here and got married a month after she got here but they have irreconcillable differences after a month ofliving together and she wants to go back now to our country and wait for me to file petition for him - can she just go back to our country and wait until next year til I get my citizenship for me to petition her?

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Possibly. One would have to take a close look at all the issues regarding the marriage. Also, if your mother would qualify as an "abused spouse" she might be able to self-petition right away and would not have to leave the country.

She should consult an immigration attorney.

Wolf W. Kaufmann
Southern California Immigration Attorney

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