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I am a landscape maintenance contractor and have been providing service on a property for 10 years the owner has not paid for 2

Brooksville, FL |

months. he ignores all invoices and refuses to return my calls.I have stopped the service on the property. I would like to know if a lien is the answer or what I can do. The amount owed is around $ 850.00

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Since your invoices total under $5000, you can file a small claims action yourself without the need to retain a lawyer. No lien rights for landscape maintenance if all you were doing was mowing, edging & weeding. However, if you were furnishing sod, bushes, trees, grading, seeding, etc., then you could have lien rights under the lien law, Ch. 713. See definitions under 713.01(14).


If your services were related to maintenance of the property, you do not have lien rights. It sounds like this is your scenario. If instead you rendered permanent improvement to the property, such a installing landscaping, trees, etc, you may have such lien rights. You should consult experienced construction counsel to be sure. If nothing else, you can bring a small claims action for the monies owed. No lawyer would be necessary for such a suit.

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Good answers above. I am sure you have already sent a written demand for payment. Small claims court seems to be a good option for you. An attorney may be too expensive for the $850 and not make practical sense.

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Ian Todd Kravitz

Ian Todd Kravitz


Just be aware, that if you being a small claims action, and the contractor moves to stay the case until your compliance with Chapter 558, you will be delayed until you have so complied. That is after you have incurred filing fees to have suit filed. A letter in compliance with Chapter 558 first, would be a cheaper alternative, "if" it worked to get you paid.

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