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I am a housewife, can I get a loan for a house ?

Tampa, FL |

I'm a housewife but my husband works, Can i get financing to buy a house using my husband's income?

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I would like to know more to better answer your question. Why are you trying to get financing to buy a house? Do you have cash to put down? Are you divorcing? Is it an investment property? Do you already have a mortgage based on your husband's income? What will happen to that mortgage? Is that property being sold? If you are planning to stay married and live together, then the lender would likely consider the household income. If you're divorcing, then that would mean that whatever financing your husband has on his income will likely remain; so the lenders may deny lending any more. If it's an investment property, then you might be able to get hard money (equity-based financing); but it won't be a very high LTV.

You see, this is a complex question; so the answers could vary depending on the rest of the story.

Dennis Phillips, Esq.
Florida injury lawyer
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