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I am a hotel owner and have been asked by the local police agency to hand over the keys to 10 rooms.

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The 10 rooms have tenants who are parolees with 4th amendment waivers. Do I have to give them the keys. Normally I go with them and open the doors. Also, they want to bring in 20 officers and I am concerned about my other tenants and their right to quiet enjoyment. Could I be exposed to liability by the other tenants if something goes wrong?

In addition, they want to do this at 5:00 a.m. and I am sure with that many officers that my other tenants are going to complain. I am also concerned about the news stations showing up to film this and how it will affect my buildings reputation.

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Wow, there are a lot of issues here and I'd love to do further research in the area. I don't think that it is a violation of your civil rights but there are property rights involved as well as the potential damage to your reputation. You may want to start by trying to get in front of a judge to get an injunction against this type of massive police action. It is one thing to surprise a probationer at home and it is another to raid a community en mass.

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Your commercial purpose will be definitely violated. Talk to the police officers to have the police action modified to a lesser degree of disturbance to your business. This is a balance of hardship analysis, the police power required for public interest versus your private property rights. Try to settle it. Edward C. Ip

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