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I am a green card holder of USA and I want to sponsor my wife from INDIA, How much time it will take to get visa for her?

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I just got married and I am a green card holder. I want to bring my wife from India, I wanna ask that how much time it will take if I sponsor my wife? I got my green card 1 year ago.

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Assuming you and your wife were both born in India, it will take quite a while, though it issn't possible to tell exactly how long.

I attach a link to the latest Visa Bulletin, for May 2010. As a green card holder sponsoring a spouse, this would be in the Family 2A category (look at the first table, row marked "2A, column for India if she was born there) . This is backed up about four years right now. This doesn't necessarily move at the speed of the backlog; it could stay at the same date for months and then jump forward six months, but it gives you an idea.

It would be relatively quick if you were a U.S. citizen - about ten months - but you would need to wait another four years or so before becoming a citizen so this really doesn't help right now.

The only quicker option is determining whether your wife's background qualifies her for some type of employment based visa (which would require a job offer here and employer sponsorship).

She will have difficulty obtaining a visitor visa to come for brief visits because she is now married to a permanent resident, and they will doubt her having the required nonimmigrant intent.

Speak with a lawyer for further advice.



Hello thanks for reply but I heard from someone now just take 8 month .on green card holder bring their spouse .I want to know is it true .anyone could help me for this question.thanks


The prior answer is fairly complete. I have a couple of additional thoughts.
I assume from your question that you did not get married before your green card was approved. If this is incorrect and you were married before your green card was approved, then your wife may be a derivative of your green card and there is no need to sponsor her. In that case you simply need to notify the USC Consulate using and I-824.
Your wife should avoid entry on a B visitor visa. A truthful application and entry will likely be denied. Any other entry, would likely involve a misrepresentation (or the appearance of a misrepresentation).