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I am a Green card holder and want to marry a non-us resident.

Jersey City, NJ |

I am on green card and planning to marry a non-Us citizen who does not have any US visa.Please advice possible ways for her to come to US so that we can be together, and what if she comes on Student visa and then we get married will she be allowed to continue her studies?

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You can petition for your spouse but it will take several years. She will have to find her own visa. If she is married to an LPR it will be less likely that she will be granted a student visa. You may want to wait untill you are a U.S. Citizen to marry her.

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If she comes on a student visa and gets married afterwards, there could be a problem when trying to adjust status because you must have intent to return to your home country when you get a student visa. If you get married as an LPR it will take several years for a visa to be available to your spouse. The fastest and least risky way (depending how long you've been an LPR) may be to naturalize first and then petition. Call me for a consultation.

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She probably would not be issued an F-1 visa once you are married.

You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts and advise you accordingly.

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You can apply for her to come over on a "fiance visa".

Yolanda Navarrete

Yolanda Navarrete

Yolanda Navarrete


I am sorry, I thought he said he was a US Citizen. You need to become a citizen. Once you do, a fiance visa will only take several months

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