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I am a double amputee and also have other medical problems and cannot drive at this time.

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My doctor also wants me to go in the hospital for treatment to one of my stumps but I am afraid to go due to court date.The reason for court is that I am behind $850.00 in child support.The court is in Jessamine County and I cannot find anyone to take me to it.Can I maybe get a postponement if I call the courthouse?

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Possibly. Contact the court clerk directly at your county courthouse for guidance on what steps you may need to take.

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You should consult an atty asap. Perhaps you can get support reduced. You may need to write a letter to the court and opposing party with a letter from your doctor stating what your medical condition is and why you need to be treated now and get go to court. The doctor should estimate when it would be medically safe for you to be transported to court. If you can afford to pay the back support, you might want to consider doing that.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. As attorney Kopelson suggests, get a letter from your doctor setting forth you general medical condition, that being a double amputee; describing the present problem requiring immediate treatment (and what that treatment would be) and the need for an adjournment - including for how long. Then contact that the court and see if you can fax it over, in support of a request for the adjournment. Obviously, this should be done prior to the hearing date, so you will know in advance if the court will accomodate your request. If not, you will still have time to retain a lawyer who can appear for you (along with the doctor's letter) to request the adjournment in person.