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I am a disabled senior getting SSI. I also receive my husbands monthly Social Security benefits. He lives in a nursing home.

Delray Beach, FL |

The additional money that I am receiving is jeopardizing my section 8 housing as it is being considered as additional income. As a result, this makes my rent unaffordable.
*I recently moved here from NY where my husband's benefit money was NOT considered as additional income and section 8 was fine.
Without any options, I will lose my ability to stay in this residence. Are there any alternatives?

Additionally, I have been classified as an "impoverished spouse" which as I understand it has some sort of impact on the money I receive.

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It seems odd that you would be making enough on your SSI and Husbands SS benefits that it would violate the section 8 requirements. Schedule and appointment with a Social Security attorney in your area. Take all your records and they should be able to help you out. Many will assist you with this matter for little or no cost. Should cost you less than a couple of hundred for a records analysis.