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I am a convicted felon , can i go back to school to be a physical therapist ?

Ocala, FL |

I have a drug and battery conviction in 2006

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You can certainly go back to school but the real question is can you be licensed by the State. Contact the licensing board for physical therapists to find out if you can get a license and how with this on your record. You can find their contact info on the Fla. Secretary of State's web site.


The issue is really about getting licensed. Assuming you qualify academically, you can certainly go to school for whatever you like. However, to practice you'll need to be licensed by the State. Research the licensing criteria before making a final decision.


I agree with the other attorney's responses regarding licensing. If you have student advisors at the school are thinking about attending set an appointment and get some more insight from them. I know you said "convicted" bit if there is any hance that you received a withhold of adjudication you may be able to seal the record which may help. Good luck!