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I am a Canadian Citizen on H1B status. I plan to quit my job. I also have EAD through my spouse. Am I ok to join another job?

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I am a Canadian Citizen on H1B status. I plan to quit my job withing another few weeks. I already have my EAD and AP docs. Will I be able to work on EAD or do I need to file some change of status?

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Assuming your a derivative 485 applicant and a petition for your wife, you can work on the EAD on another job.


You may use your employment authorization document to work for another employer. However, I recommend that my H-1B clients maintain their H-1B status until their permanent resident application is approved in case something goes wrong with their permanent resident application. This way, the H-1B status serves as a back-up to keep you in status if your application for permanent residency through your wife fails.


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