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I am a 17 year old girl and I was recently threatened on Instagram (social media) by an 18 year old girl

Los Angeles, CA |

She threatened to fight me and to have another adult individual, from a local street gang, fight me. Initially I stood my ground but when she would not let up I stopped replying and took screenshots of the comments. If I said something back does that mean I can't press charges against her? Or what can I do?

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You should go to the local police precinct where you live and file a complaint. You should bring a parent with you as well.

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Contact your local police department. Bring your screen shots.

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Report this to the police ASAP. Do not call 911, but call the non-emergency number. Better yet, walk into the closest police station and show them the screen-shots. If any of this happened at school or you attend the same school, you should also inform the principal and/or school police officer.

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If she threatened you, you should take your screen shots and go to the police.

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