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I am a 10% compensated service connected vet in priority group 3 . Do I still need to do a means test

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I pay $8.00 a month copay for every prescriptions per month.

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No, with a 10 % service connected VA disability you do not have to meet means test to be eligible for VA treatment and VA medications. Once your disability compensation increases to at least 30 % you will no longer be required to pay co-pay under current VA requirements. The means test is applied to Veterans who do not have service connected disabilities.


My colleague's advice is good.

Have you tried to get the 10% increased? If not, file an application immediately - as you already know, the VA only pays benefits from the date of your claim or application for an increase forward - nothing backwards. And if you get denied an increase, consider talking to an attorney for help - it can mean the difference between getting an increase or not.

Try this link to find lawyers in your area:

There is no formal application to get an increase - a simple letter to your VA regional office saying you want your claim reviewed for an increase will be enough. But send your letter certified mail so you know when they got it and to prove the date they got it.

I hope this helps. Good luck to you!
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