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I am a fostercare relative who did't get any financial assistant from the DPSS and DCSS?

Long Beach, CA |

My brother and his girlfriend got there childs remove in November 2011 by DCSS or domestic violation. The child went to fostercare until my parent or I get ours fringe print clear. DCSS didn't want my parent to have them because they was to closed. So, i was the only one far enough to get them under my care. DCSS told me that had finger print was being reject by the FBI. I know they was laying because i have not done something stupid on my record. It took my two month to get custody of my nieces and nephews . When i got them i know that i couldn't financially support three more child on my income. So, i ask the worker and the children attorney if can get any assistant.The y want to get cash aid for them but i denied.Is there anyway I can get financial help for my nieces and nephew

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You should receive child support from the County as an extended relative.
You do not want "cash" assistance. You want child support for Fosterchildren.
Call up the Worker, and ask why you are not getting child support.
If the Worker tells you that you will be getting the money, then it is a problem with the paperwork.
Go to the DCFS Website, and look up Fosterparent support, and contact the County from that site.
Sometimes (many times) there is a long delay in receiving support.
Good luck to you.

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The state also has a Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment program for relatives receiving children from Delinquency or Dependency Court. More information can be found at . This may be helpful if the children's parents are unwilling or unable to pay child support and Social Services doesn't qualify the household for cash aid. Be sure to read the eligibility requirements, though.