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I am 23 yr old guy, who use's the net for adult chatting. On a recent occasion,. i came across a user with the name - nude girl

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fifteen., who i requested for chat and she accepted. I asked her basic normal question about her, and then asked her to show herself to which she gave her Skype id and i added her.. there she said that she and her friend would be my cam slaves and do anything i want if i got nude. And so i got naked but they didnt open their cams so i couldn't see them. After that , the girls told me they were gonna get me arrested for exposing to minors. I actually didnt really know they were fifteen since i didnt read their names correct and also since i was intoxicated.i really didnt want to do anythng , i didnt even raise the topic of sex.I am not from the USA(but the girls said they were) , and i would like to know if i can face any charges?If yes, then what kind ?

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It is conceivable you could face charges, but unlikely.

The lesson here is to get more facts before you engage in this kind of activity, or abstain from this activity altogether.

This post is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice specific to you. This general information is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney in your jurisdiction. The attorney client relationship is not established by this post.


In addition to the good advice in the previous answer, I would not post anything more about this online and I would contact a Washington, D.C., defense counsel if you have additional questions or if any investigator attempts to contact you. You can contact me or use the find a lawyer tab to find the right attorney for you.