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I am 19 years old hit a man in a electrical wheelchair with my car and have no insurance how much can they sue me for?

Pawtucket, RI |

I thought I had insurance but my father never told me he stopped paying for it.... So the whole time I was driving uninsured without knowing.... Noone in the accident was injured only a little damage to the wheelchair....... What can they sue me for?

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The can sue you for economic damages and possibly alleged pain and suffering. Get an experienced attorney who handles a personal injury cases to aid you. Good luck.

The above is general information only and is not legal advice. The information provided does not form an attorney-client relationship, and should not be relied upon to take or refrain from taking any action. I am not your attorney until we sign a retainer agreement.



How much can they sue me for $5000+? What if I can't afford it?

Matthew C Simon

Matthew C Simon


Technically, they can sue you for whatever they think is fair compensation for the pain and suffering. A Judgment could be filed against you. Your money and assets could be in jeopardy. You do need to seek an attorney to help you ASAP.


Retain a local lawyer immediately. You should consult with a lawyer who defends folks in car wreck cases. These folks are often referred to as "insurance defense lawyers". You will want to hire one of them, even though you don't have insurance. They have experience defending cases like yours.

Good luck.


They can sue you for all of the victim's damages. Consult an attorney ASAP.

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You need to contact and consult with a local attorney.


In determining the value of a car accident case, the juries assesses fair and reasonable damages. If this is soley a property damages case, it sounds like the cost of repair and loss of use/rental value. Get an estimate to get it repair and an estimate for the rental of another chair during this period. That is an approximate idea assuming no personal injury claim. Another option is to call a local attorney, give a little more detail and get their opinion.


You can be sued for his damages, thus, retain a local lawyer to defend.


In RI, if you do not settle up with person you hit (or more likely their insurance company), they can ask DMV to suspend your license until you pay or they agree to a payment plan.

If you file bankruptcy, you can probably wipe out the debt and keep your license. That will cost about 1,500.

I am not your attorney and I am not giving legal advice. I am giving you general information about the law. To give you legal advice I would first have to learn more about the facts and circumstances of your particular situation. The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law. The court does not license or certify any lawyer as an expert or specialist in any particular field of practice.

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