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I am 19 years old and live in Mukilteo, Washington. I pleaded guilty to a malicious mischief (3) .

Mukilteo, WA |

I had gotten a job at a local hospital and when they did my background check they found out I pleaded guilty. They said because of my guilty plea I cannot have the job. Can I ever get this removed? Where will I be able to work

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You can try to get your conviction expunged but it would seem in the meantime you can work almost anywhere but in the hospital.


Which court did you plead guilty in and when? In this state it takes 3 years of staying out of trouble after your probation period (usually 2 years) before you can remove anything from your record. It takes 2 years longer if the charge was DV related. I have removed several charges from prospective nursing clients in past as the medical area is very strict. You can always give me a ring and I can go over your options.