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I am 17 i have a court order on a settlement i got from a car accident i will be 18 years old in november my cousin died at the

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age of 20 he has no insurance what can i do to help pay for his funeral his body is in the state of arkansa where he attended arkansa baptise colledge the money is just sitting there and my cousin can noy be laid to rest until we can get his body back to his home state which is chicago illinois and proceed to pay for the cost of the funeral please help what can i do he died from a sezuire and its been really hard on my self also my family .

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I would suggest that you review the Order from the Court. Orders involving Minor Settlements usually explicitly state that no disbursements from this Account can be made without Order from the Court. Your only option would be to write the Court from the county that issued the Order and seek permission to withdraw the amount and specify in detail the reasons for your request. The Judge will probably require you to appear for a hearing. I would start by seeing if the Judge who issued your Order is still on the bench and contact his/her clerk for suggested protocol. Otherwise, you can always contact the Civil Clerk with your questions. If I'm being vague, I apologize because different counties and different judges, may require you to do different things such as file a formal Motion to Re-Open and Request distribution. I would start by making some phone calls in order to ensure that you are complying with the county and judge's required protocol.



I agree. In addition, this question should be easily answered by the attorney who helped you obtain the settlement. Attorneys should keep the records from the minor settlement hearing. You may want to contact that attorney who helped you to discuss whether he/she will be able to assist you in asking the Court for an "early" distribution.

Good Luck!

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I am sorry for the loss of your cousin. It is good you are willing to help. I assume that you are not able to divide the costs among your relatives.

I agree with the other two answers. In addition if you know who the guardian was for your case you can call him or her and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

If your settlement in in a trust you may be able to contact the trustee and have some funds disbursed if the trustee agrees.

If the money is tied up you may be able to use the settlement as security for a loan at a bank or credit union.

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