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I am 17 and pregnant ( 4-6 months) can i get welfare?

Haddon Heights, NJ |

I am 17 and pregnant. my adoptive parents refuse to pay for doctor checkups and dont want to feed me. I get kicked out very often but i winde up back there because they still recieve money for me. Am i personally eligable for welfare?

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For medical coverage yes, but depending on the circumstances you might have to get your parents' assistance to prove their financial situation for you to be eligible. Also, depending on the circumstances, emancipation may be an option (however given your limited time and near adulthood that might not be an option for you). Because you are pregnant, you are also allowed to make certain medical decisions for yourself.

Check out these websites and contact the appropriate agencies for more information:

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Your parents, adoptive included, are legally responsible for you, including medical care, food and shelter, they are not allowed to deny you appropriate medical care or kick you out of the house. If you need assistance, such as medical care or they kick you out of the house again, you should contact child protective services immediately - in New Jersey call --> 1-877 NJ ABUSE.

Also there are federally funded programs run through state office for pregnant women and teens - you should be eligible for care under those programs, with or without your adoptive parents help, contact Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS), Call Toll Free: 1-800-356-1561.

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My colleagues have given you good answers.

As for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability, pregnancy is not considered a disability under SSA law, since it lasts only 9 months. The SSA definition of disability is a condition which precludes work and is expected to last at least a year, or end in death.

What kind of money is received by your adoptive parents for you? Is it paid by welfare? If so, and you live somewhere else, check with your local welfare office to see if it could be payable to you, instead. If it is a payment from Social Security, and you live somewhere else, check with SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to see if it could be payable to another adult who would look after you, instead.

You should check with your local welfare office regarding whether you qualify for any food stamps, Medicaid, and/or cash benefits on your own.

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