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I am 17 and I was caught with a pipe but no marijuana. What is going to happen? I've never been in any form of drug trouble.

South Park, PA |

We got pulled over and why'll getting searched I said I had a bowl on me. I am 17 years old. What will happen?

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You don't mention whether you were charged with a crime. I assume you were - or will be - charged with drug paraphernalia. You state you have never been in any form of drug trouble, which indicates to me that you've been in trouble, i.e., arrested, for other offenses. The good news is that you are a juvenile, and juvenile courts focus on treatment, supervision and rehabilitation. Most likely nothing horrible will happen to you if you don't have a bad record.


If you have never been in the system, there are a few programs that may be offered to divert you away from being adjudicated.


I agree with Attorneys Mancini and Fioravanti. There are several diversion programs available. Contact a local criminal lawyer who is familar with juvenile programs and you should be fine. You may have to do community service and/or take some form of classes to educate you about drugs...

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