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I am 16 and on probation, what will happen if i run away?

Greenville, TX |

I have recently been put on probation for assault/family violence as of April 3. i was arrested and detained for 11 days. I am really trying to runaway from home, because my mom falsified the report, so i had to move in with my aunt. I have a place to go and money, but my main question is, if i don't get caught until after im 18, will my charges drop? i plan on running away before I'm 17, and i will probably run away within the next month or so. so, im just curious about the penalties for that and the probability of getting caught.

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Your charges won't be dropped just because you turn 18. Moreover, you can be picked up as a runaway and anyone who helps you can be charged with harboring a runaway. When you asked this question before you were advised to talk with your p.o. about your issues. I strongly suggest you do this as running away will not fix your problems but will likely compound them.


Juvenile court loses jurisdiction over you when you turn 18. But running away isn't going to fix it. It's very hard to make it on the run for that long, and wherever you stay, those people could get in serious legal trouble.

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You can likely come up with a more fool hardy idea than running away, but you'll have to work at it a bit. You are on probation. That's a tad more serious than being grounded if you do not know that.

Truth is, most folks your age, on a good day you get a D in sneaky. This means you'll likely be found out, and then, since putting you on probation did not get your attention, there is a real potential that parking you in a juvenile holding facility just might do the trick. And no, that;s not exactly like pledging a college frat early, though there might be some bare skin and paddling involved.

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