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I am 16 and i am trying to get my social security number from my mom and she want give it to me. What do I do?

Monroe, NC |

Me and my mom haven't been getting along lately and i am trying to better myself and to get a job. Every time i ask my mom for my social security card and she want give it to me. Is there any way i could get it? I cant fill out applications to get a job without it. HELP PLEASE!

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You should be able to apply for a replacement Social Security card from your local SSA office. If you are concerned that your mother would take the new card from the mail, you may want to consider having it mailed to the address of someone who you trust. Good luck.



But how do i get a hold of the SSA office? And inset sending person stuff to someone eles home dangerous?

Kenneth Love Jr.

Kenneth Love Jr.


Look up the local SSA office online. Yes, sending this information to another home is dangerous. But I believe Ms. Pehowic is stating that it is possible your mom will just take the new card. Also, as a minor she has the right to direct your conduct and can require you not to work.


Apply for a replacement card.


I agree with my colleagues.

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