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I am "subleasing" a room from a business only to find out after 6 month, the business does not hold the primary lease. It is in

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the managers name but it states "DBA" in which she is not the business owner. The owner now wants me out as of April 30th, since I will not sign a "revise" lease for the remainder of my one year lease. We had a verbal agreement with the intent for the owner to have me sign the paper work but she never produced it but I've since found out the lease is not even in the business's name or her name. Can they evict me as they now say I have a month to month with them since they cash my checks? Although the terms have changed, can the owner still accept rent even though she is not the lessor of the lease?

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An oral one year lease is valid, but hard to prove. If you have a valid one year lease, your landlord cannot require you to change the terms mid-lease. If you do not, the landlord can change your lease terms by giving proper notice.

Here, it appears you may have a sublease with the master tenant and the landlord is asking you to sign a lease directly with her. You are not required to do this, but your landlord, the master tenant, may be in breach of its lease for renting to you. You will probably need to review the whole situation with a lawyer to get a definitive explanation of your rights and obligations.