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I am a guardian of a 17 year old, who has ran away how do I get her back legally?

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A few months ago my 17 year old came into my home informing me she did not have to listen to us or even have to stay living with us because at 17 she was considered an adult! She left my home a month ago we were hoping she would find out how hard it was and return on her on. Since then we have discovered that her friend’s mother told her that and also is allowing her to reside there as long as she gets a job and pays rent (which they were planning for about 3 months). Today she showed up with her 18 year old boyfriend and we told him and her she had to be back home by her curfew because by now spending the summer with him is what this is about, and her adult boyfriend said he did not plan on what can we do?

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Three things. You notify the other parents that she is a runaway and you want her returned home. Tell them if they do not do so, you will take whatever steps necessary to have them prosecuted for kidnapping. You then call the police and report her as a runaway and give them the address where she is staying. Third, you go to the juvenile court and you get a protective order concerning the adult boyfriend ordering him to stay away from your daughter.

Yo may also consider some disciplinary measures as well. If she has a cell phone, take it. If she has a driver's license, take it. If she has a computer, take it. If she has a bank account, take her bank card and check book. Change the locks on your doors and take the keys. As a minor, she has no property, she only has privileges to that which you give her. It matters not how she came into possession of it. She only has the luxury of it's use because you permit it. Let her know that a) you are the parent and she is the child (she's not an adult until she turns 18), b) she will follow the rules and if so you will consider returning privileges to the property you have confiscated.

Good luck.

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