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I am 61, and homeless. My husband of 30 years lied and said I assaulted him and sexual abuse of my grand daughter. Lies.

Cleveland, OH |

Homeless, no support, petition for domestic violence protection order filed 5/25/2102 is hereby released dismissed without pre justice. The Ex Parte Civil Protection Order granted 5/25/12 is hereby dissolved and set aside. I reported to over 30 agencies, my doctor, and several churches and pastors and police departments. I'm on second attorney and reported several time of being threatened after he came back from the shooting range. He subscribes to several gun and assault magazine. Why am I homeless? I lived at 40 Stonewood Drive, Moreland Hills, Ohio 44022 . I live out of my 470 GX Lexus, 2008. And have received no support for 2 years. I cashed in my Life Insurance last year and sold my jewelry. I need help. Please help me. Homeless since 29 May 2012 Debbie KeysManheim 2164060053

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Not sure where I see an unresolved legal question here. You can go to a women's shelter as to housing. You can apply for food aid. The status of your marriage is unclear, but if you are not yet divorced, you can file, seek your share of the marital assets and pensions, perhaps money to live on. See an attorney or seek legal aid.

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You can always file another protection order petition because your original was dismissed without prejudice but you need some hard evidence before you can prosecute that claim again otherwise it will again be dismissed. You need to immediately consult a local attorney about how to get support.

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