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I already have Spousal Support and Child Support court order.

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I already opened a case in Child Services Department, they are working on my case. What happens if they cannot find the Father of the child. Still I will get the support or not??? and
I would like to know how I will get my Spousal Support? what should I do now?

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While DCSS has the experience and tools available to them, nevertheless, you are one of many, many individuals they are trying to service. If you want to expedite recovery of your support monies I would personally take action. Check with people who know where he works, where he lives and what he is doing. Search the Internet, there are many tools available for free or low cost that will help you locate and provide information on individuals. There are companies who will search all available records to locate him and if there is no find there is no fee. I would get proactive in this to expedite the process by DCSS

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Let DCSS handle enforcing the support order. they have a great deal of experience and tools available to them to be successful. If they do not collect from him then no you do not get support. There is really nothing you can do about it except monitor the progress with DCSS.

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Thanks for the quick response. So even I cannot get child support? if they are not successful in finding.