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I almost got caught shoplifting at the mall, the security was looking for me but i went through another exist in the car

Sydney, FL |

while i was going through the car i saw a police car, could i be caught and sent to jail next time i go to that mall? i will never ever steal again althoughe its really hard since its been a habit.. im so scared and i dont want to be in trouble

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First, you don't want to admit to a crime on a public forum. It is possible that you could be pursued. If anyone shows up and asks you about it DO NOT TALK TO THEM AT ALL. Do not talk to anyone except a lawyer or a licensed mental health counselor or psychologist. If you have a "habit" you may want to get some counseling to figure out why you feel compelled to do this and what changes you need to make so that you can stop. If you talk to a counselor make sure you clarify with them first that your therapy is protected by a privilege, and under what conditions they would be compelled to reveal what you tell them to anyone else.

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If they can identify you, they can have you trespassed from the store/property & if they can prove you stole something, they can have you arrested. If approached by anyone, do not speak about what may have happenned. Don't be fooled into speaking about it or try to explain yourself. You can't make it better by talking & anything they promise to you is not binding so keep quiet. If they detain you, ask to speak with your lawyer.

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You have a habit then you need to deal with it because after 22 years of handling theft cases, I can tell you that theft charges can have a devastating impact upon your future. Please get help.

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