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I allowed my daughter & her boyfriend to move in but I want them out now. how can I get them out?

Cocoa, FL |

I let them move in while I was still living there because they were going to be homeless otherwise. Now I have moved in with my fiance but I want them out because of their illegal activities i.e. drug use and other things I can't prove. But my daughter was arrested for theft and violation of probation. Her boyfriend has long criminal history of violence. What are my steps to get him out. I have no plans to assist my daughter in her current legal problems. So She will be evicted also. They are both in their 30's. Thank you for any help.

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You need to file either an eviction or an ejectment action in court, depending on if they meet the definition of tenants or not, I.e., if they are paying rent or not.

You should consult a landlord/tenant lawyer in your area.

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