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I ad to pay my ex's lawyer in court for child support and it did nothing to my back child support balance why did i not get to

Vale, NC |
Attorney answers 2


It is really difficult to understand your question without punctuation. However, if what you mean is that you gave the lawyer money that was supposed to be applied to the arrearage in child support and was not, then the first thing you should do is contact that lawyer and inquire as to whether the money was ever sent to Centralized Collections in Raleigh. If not and you cannot get a good answer why, then file a motion and set it for review by the court so you can try to correct the amount of arrears owed.


It's not clear from your question, but it sounds like the judge may have ordered you to pay your ex-spouse's attorney's fees. Judge's order this sometimes if an ex-spouse brings a motion to show cause of a motion for contempt based on the fact that you have not been keeping up to date with your child support payments. The money paid towards your ex-spouse's attorney's fees will not be be applied to your "back child support balance" or arrearage payments. I hope this helps!