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I accidentally used a wrong social security nnumber

Elk Point, SD |

I had lost my social card and thought i had my number memorized..but i had one number wrong.. i have not opened any accouts or gotten any loans but I have had a few credit checks (with no results) and used it for my job igot one year ago also i got married.. what should I do?? I have 2 kids and made an honest mistake I don't want to go to jail!! Im worried!!

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Calm down. Not a huge deal. Go to your local social security office and go through the hoops to get a new car.

In the meantime, simply notify all interested parties that you had mistakinly memorized your SS# and need to go back and correct everything. If your work likes you, I doubt they will care much. If you took out any large loans, you may want to get the advise of a mortgage specialist or perhaps an attorney to handle any issues with banks, car lenders, or mortgage lenders.

Its not fraud if it was accidental. Worst case they revoke any loans they may have given you. But thats probably not going to happen. Again, to be safe you may want an attorney to handle the talking for you.

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Not a major issue. Since you did not provide the number in order to commit fraud there should be no problem. Make sure you have the right number and go to each person to whom the wrong info was provided and correct the mistake.

There may be a few additional hoops to jump through to make sure your tax information is properly credited to your correct number. I am surprised that your company did not catch the mistake when they sent in your employment forms or that the credit checks did not reveal the error.

Once you clear up the problem with the SSA everything should be OK.



The credit checks just said no file I guess... thanks and I will let my job know asap I was so worried these answers took alot of stress off me. One more ? My marriage would still be valid right?

Clint Curtis

Clint Curtis


I don't do family law but I suspect so. Check with the county clerk or a family law attoney to see how to best correct the error.


Everyone makes mistakes and everything should be fine once you have corrected the error.

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