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I accepted an internship offer and they are running a background check. Will my DUI show up?

Norman, OK |

I live in Oklahoma, I got arrested and charged with a DUI 2 years ago. I have completed my deferred sentence and have completed my 991C expungement process, they said my plea will be changed, record sealed, and can only be accessed through OSBI. If the company I am interning for runs a background check or looks at my driving record, will the DUI show up?

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Yes. A 991c is not an arrest expungment.
A background through obi for crim. history
will show you areezted, charged and pled not guilty. It will also show case dismissed.

It will not say completed deferred sentence.
But any HR person worth spit will know what transpired.



Thank you, sir. Can I ask you one more question?

Kevin H. Pate

Kevin H. Pate


I am presuming you did not mean that one. Yes, you may. However, if you prefer to not ask it publicly, you may send it via email.


Counsel is correct, it will show. Hope that's helpful.


Yes it will show up. However, if this happened two years ago then you may be eligible for a full expungement of your record. You should contact an attorney directly to discuss your options.


It will show up but instead of 991C expungement you can likely get a formal expungement. Please call to discuss.

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