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I absolutely cannot afford to pay the Parent Plus loans due at this time. What can I do?

Palmyra, NE |

I had the understanding four years ago when I signed the first loan for my daughter that when she graduated it could be transferred to her. I now find out this is not true. I would like to transfer this to my daughter but her credit at this time is improving but I don't think she can get a loan to pay this off and make smaller payments. Is there any help out there for students to get a loan, especially when they are working full time making good money in their field? Thank you.

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The only way to transfer it to her is to have her take out a loan to pay it off.

You can contact the lender about programs like income based repayment.

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As the first lawyer said, she will have to take out a loan and pay it off. Can she make the payment for you?

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