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I able unable to pay my resittion in full. I am on court supervison. Will I go to jail on a first time offense?

Gurnee, IL |

I was given court supervison and has to pay 4000 in resittion.. I have only be able to make small payments.

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Attorney answers 3


You will be given more time to pay the restitution but you need to make show the court you are making every effort. Do not skip court. Go and explain. If you have a lawyer, make sure your lawyer goes with you.


Keep making payments.


I suggest that you contact an attorney to file a petition to appear in court and ask the Judge for an extension to pay. If the Judge knows your financial situation and that you are acting in good faith he may likely give you more time. i have done this several times with success. I would make sure that all your other conditions of the Court Order are completed.