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I-94 overstay, ohio marriage license

Urbana, OH |

I overstayed my i-94 in 2008, my dad (usc) applied i-130 unmarried son over 21, well since then ive met my wonderful girlfriend (usc) who im dearly in love with, also she is now 9 weeks pregnant, so we have decided to get married, can i obtain a marriage license in ohio ?

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I don't know about Ohio. Some States have gone overboard like Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona and they have become xenophobic and anti immigrant. In Texas whether your illegal or from Mars you can get a marriage license as long as one party can identify them selves with an ID and there is a 3 day waiting period. I don't know what the State law in Ohio is. Why don't you call your county officials without going there in person and simply ask them if I'm here on an expired visa can you apply for a marriage license. If you get married, you can have your wife sponsor you for a green card as a permanent resident since you are an immediate relative. Good luck.


You need to check the requirements for the issuance of a marriage license in your state/county, which are usually available online.

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The local rules may vary from State to State and county to county, however generally, as long as you can prove your identity, getting a marriage license should not be an issue. After you get married, your wife can sponsor you for the residency.

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Yes you can obtain a marriage license in Ohio. And since your girlfriend is a citizen, then you'll be able to adjust status to LP (get a green card) after marriage.


From what you have stated, i dont see any reason why you couldnt get a marriage license.

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