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I-864 joint sponsor household size question

Thomasville, GA |

I'm very confused by the household size from my joint sponsor. According to my understanding after reading the guideline, the joint sponsor household size is himself (no wife and dependent) and the immigrant , which is 2. But when I talked to the lawyer, the lawyer said that the household size for the joint sponsor has to include the immigrant's U.S. citizen husband, so the total is 3.
I do not know which one is correct. Does the joint sponsor household size must include the immigrant's U.S. citizen husband?

I thought the joint sponsor household size is only included his family (only himself) and I, and my husband is not part of the joint sponsor household size.

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Yes. It is 3.

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3 it is.

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I am not sure I understand your question correctly. If there is a US citizen husband, who needs co-sponsor because he cannot sponsor his foreign wife, and the co-sponsor is single, it should be 2. However, if there is a married joint sponsor, who sponsors an immigrant, it is 3, or a single co-sponsor, who sponsors primary immigrant and her husband, it is 3.

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Thanks for your help. Let me explain it more. My US citizen husband,petitioner, doesn't meet the poverty guideline. So we found a joint sponsor. The joint sponsor has no wife,no dependent and no other sponsor he is responsible for. So does the co-sponsor household size is 2(co-sponsor and I)? or does it have to include my US citizen husband, which is total 3?

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