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I-864 again

Ashtabula, OH |

i want help please my daughter working at walmart and she is sponsoring my husband and we done everything but letterhead or employer letter .. her managers says they cant do it so my question is is there anything we can do if they dont want to do it?

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Your daughter could submit her W-2 from prior years and her most current paycheck stub as proof of employment. If she has health insurance through WalMart, her policy may indicate that it is group coverage through WallMart, or the insurance company may provide her with such a letter.

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You can also check with an employment/labor law attorney in your area and see if they can use legal authority to get Walmart to provide her with a letter of verification from her employer.


She may not be asking the right department. don't mention immigration just have her ask for an employment verification letter with salary and job title on letterhead.


Ask for a letter to very employment not necessarily for immigration . Also current pay stubs w-2 and income tax return may suffice without a letter from the employer


Obtain paystubs.

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Pay stubs.

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