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I-751 is in processing and wife is out of country

Austin, TX |

My wife went to India for a year or less for completing her bachelors, i have my I-751 filed for 5 months now, quite possible that i will get an interview call pretty soon, my status is still in initial review so should i call her back if i get the interview call or its ok since she is busy in school there. Are there any chances that my I-751 gets denied if she is not present

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If you did the I-751 'correctly' and submitted 2+ years of bills, 5+ affidavits, etc. There won't be an interview .. just an approval.

But, if you two haven't filed joint taxes, have a joint residence ... there probably will be an interview ... you'll have 3-4 weeks advance notice ... enough time for her to fly to the US.

You should consider hiring a lawyer to discuss in private why she's going to school in India instead of the US.

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Yes. Very good ones.

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Given your special circumstances, you should probably hire an immigration attorney, especially if you receive an interview notice and your spouse will be unable to attend.

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Consult with an experienced immigration attorney who has extensive experience handling I-751 petitions. Use Avvo to find an immigration attorney.

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