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I-751 extension letter

Hartford, CT |

hello i filed the i-751 to remove temporary conditions on green card, i got an extension letter for one year, on the letter it shows the receipt date which is march 2013, im planning to travel days from now possibly stay for like three weeks will i have any problems coming back? a lawyer told me the extension dates starts from the receipt date when the immigration got the filing is this true will everything be fine...he said ill be fine but im still worried please help

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The I-751 receipt notice which provides for extension should be for valid for one year from date of expiration of conditional green card unless the notice explicitly states otherwise. Traveling for a few weeks is no problem. Carry the conditional resident card along with the receipt notice extending the conditional resident status to facilitate entry to the U.S.



thank you so much a sigh of relief, thanks.


You are probably looking at the wrong date - look at the dated for which your extension is being approved - should be one year from the expiration of your conditional green card. You should be fine.

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thank you so card expired back in june of this year 2013...

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