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I-751 Approved, but on Supervisor Hold

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

Had my interview 8 days ago and it went very good. Went back to the USCIS office for my brothers I-751 interview. After the interview the officer looked up my case and it said I was approved but my case was currently under *supervisor hold*. She said it could be because I did an address change 2 weeks ago. Is this going to increase the wait time on my green card a lot? Should this be something to worry about, or does this happen a lot? I was approved only 7 days ago!

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I am not sure why you should be worried. Come back to USCIS in a month on an infopass if you get no decision by then.

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Either your case was approved or it was not. There is no such thing as a "supervisor hold" after approval.

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal


DId you really have to break it to the poor person?


I am guessing that what the officer meant is that he /she is approving the case, but it has to be rubber stamped by the supervisor. As Mr. Segal suggested, you can follow up after 30 days. And consider hiring an experienced attorney to help you.


Your file may have been pulled for further administrative review, or it may be that the officer who interviewed you is simply waiting for his or her supervisor to give the OK. Either way, all you can do is wait. If more than 30 days pass, I suggest you make an InfoPass appointment at that Field Office to see what is going on..

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