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I-485 employment letter from the employer

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Right now I am in my 7th year of H - B with approved I - 140 ( EBB ) and I am going to apply for I - 485 as soon as it becomes current and expecting it will be current soon . Do I need a letter from the employer . If yes how the job description has to be mentioned . Is it how we filed during PERM job advertisement or with detailed description during my PERM ad in my company's website or it has to be mentioned as per my H - B job description . Why I am asking this question is because the H - b job description id different from PERM job description . I am just guessing that I need to get letter from employer as per PERM ad with detailed description mentioned in my company's website during the time of PERM filing . Am I right . Kindly clarify

In the PERM newspaper advt job description was very brief whereas in the company's website the job description was given in detail. I just want to know whether I need to get the letter with detailed job description or just brief is enough ? I am very much aware of the job title and the salary. Please clarify.

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The I-140 is already approved. The standard 485 packet does not require an employer letter although you may want to include one stating that they intend to permanently employ you. The attorney who files the 485 will work out the details of the letter.


Your employer needs to issue you an employment confirmation letter to be filed at the same time as the I-485.

That letter has to have the same job title and description as in the PERM application. The letter has to renew the job offer and attest to the fact that it is permanent and full time at the same salary level as promised in the PERM application.

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Your employer needs to provide you a letter that confirms their continuing intention to employ you on a permanent basis for the position described in the Certified Form 9089 PERM application under the salary offered in the PERM application.

The H1B job description is Irrelevant for your I-485 process.

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