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I-485 based on asylum

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I applied for asylum with my Famaly and got approved in 2011I had very good evidence haw I was abused in my country beaded etc . In very short time My brother run from the country to USA and he filled out for asylum based on my case and he also had a lot of evidence . He doesn't have the response yet after interview , but I should have interview for I-485 since I applied for i485 it is already 6 month and till today I dint got interview date , I'm worry can my brother effect me with his pending asylum case , why my case I-485 pending for 6 month and I still didn't got interview date . There is possible because of my brother pending case they holding my interview date ????
Thank you for your response !!!!!!!

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No, rest assured. The 2 cases are totally unrelated and will have no bearing on one another. Just be patient a little longer. Can always make an I FOPASS appointment to inquire at your local USCIS District office where you are waiting to be interviewed, but they will tell you nothing you don't know already.

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Unless his story conflicts with yours ... you shouldn't worry.

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You should not have problems.

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Don't worry. 6 months is still normal waiting time for you to be hearing back on your interview date. Your brother's case - unless significantly contradictory to yours - would cause you no problems. Best of luck to both of you!

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Your AOS should be adjudicated based on your statutory provisional eligibility and has no relation to the other case of your sibling.

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