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I-485 application -- which one to submit to USCIS: the original or photocopy of my birth certificate?

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The instruction says "a copy of your birth certificate", so does it refer to the original or photocopy of the birth certificate?
Is the original birth certificate acceptable? A friend told me not to send the originals to USCIS and I'm confused.

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To USCIS you only submit a COPY of your certified birth certificate and English language translation (if applicable), NEVER the original (unless you'd like to kiss it bye bye..)

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Send a copy.

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Did you just ask a question about the filing location?

If so, this is another example of how the process isn't 'relatively easy'.

What you call an original isn't really an original ... it's a copy also. The original is in the government office which issued the certified copy that you are probably think is an original.

Clear? No, of course not .. it's not an easy process.

Good luck.

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Send a copy. Bring originals to the interview.