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I-485: English Translation for Foreign Birth Certificate

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I'm applying for green card through marriage to U.S citizen and USCIS has requested for initial evidence. My birth certificate is in foreign language and it needs to be translated in English. I am planning to pay for professionals to translate it and here is my question. Should this translation be certified or notarized by those certified translators? Or just translation without it is acceptable? Those companies charge extra for the certification/notarization so I want to know before ordering. I just called USCIS and they don't have an anser for this. Please help! P.S. For my O-1 visa application last year, I translated the foreign newspaper articles about me to English and it was acceptable, but I want to be sure for this case.

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The translation should have a certification from the translator attesting knowledge of the original language and English.

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Ask what the term "certified translator" means. Assuming he will certify that his translation is correct.

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I use translators that certify and have this certification notarized.

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