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I-485, timing of interview after biometrics,

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Hi All,
My wife (Petitioner) and i applied for the i-485 mid January 2011. I received an appointment for the biometrics scheduled early March 2011. I would like to know how long ( on average in the san francisco office) does it take to have an interview after the biometrics appointment? Also, i heard that some people might not need to be called for an interview. Is it a true fact?
Thanks in advance.

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Average processing time from time of filing until interiew is 90 days to 4 months. I would base it from time of filing, rather than date of biometrics. If your application is based on marriage to a USC, there will most definitely be an interview.

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Hello I noticed your responce and this brings mah next question how long would it take for a parent but he has a conviction of domestic violance the FP ist done all we need is the I485 to be approve


I agree with my colleague. From what I'm seeing nationwide, interviews are in the five to six month range from time of filing, and there are ALWAYS interviews for cases based on marriage to a U.s. citizen.

Where they normallywaive interviews if for the removal of conditions case two years later, for couples married less than two years at time of initial approval.


I practice in San Francisco-- you will likely have your interview in late April/early May. Good luck!

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