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am in the process of adjustment of status( marriage based). I came 8 years ago, I overstayed and worked with fake documents. At the interview, they told us I am inadmissible (misrepresentation), but I am not sure if that applies to me. I came legally to the country and I never show fake papers to anyone besides my employer. Thanks


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You will need to submit an I-601 waiver and demonstrate that your wife would suffer "extreme hardship" if the USCIS fails to grant you permanent residence in the U.S.

Please see


You are welcome to contact me to represent you on the waiver application if you wish via the link provided below.



Any time you are told that you need to file a waiver, you need to talk to a qualified attorney. There are only a few situations where that is unequivocally true (if you're in removal proceedings; if you have an arrest; if you are being accused of marriage fraud; and perhaps a few others), and this is one of them. The I-601 looks straightforward, but it is not. It's a discretionary form of relief, and it is difficult to prepare the application without having someone who can evaluate your case from an unbiased perspective. If there is an argument to be made that you are not inadmissible (and I'm not sure that there is), it's something that an attorney in your jurisdiction would need to research and argue. Don't try to do this alone. Good luck.

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