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I-130 Petition for foreign born Spouse.

Jersey City, NJ |

I received an approval on this petition on April 2nd, Still awaiting NVC instructions. Do you know what the next step is? Would i have to submit affadavit of support and all other legal docs. like marriage certificate and birth certificates to NVC. By the way I am us Citizen.

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Yes, you will have to complete an affidavit of support and immigrant visa application. You do not mention what country your spouse is in. In all countries your spouse will have to go for an interview where they can question the validity of your marriage again. In some countries, denials are more common than approvals. You should speak with an immigration lawyer before proceeding.


You did not indicate your status. If LPR, you won't hear from them for a year or two. Keep all addresses up to date. If US citizen then few bill should come within 30 days. Call and give email to NVC, everything moves faster this way. Fee is $318, print cover sheets, then submit DS230, I-864, photos, police clearance (if required), original birth/ marriage records, etc. all info posted at Consultation with an attorney would be well worth it.


The next step is for the NVC to send you instructions for paying the immigrant visa application fee of $230.00 and the Affidavit of Support processing fee of $88.00. Once those fees are paid you will be instructed to complete and file the application and the affidavit and their supporting documents. You would save yourself a lot of frustration and delay by retaining an immigration lawyer to help you with this process. Even with competent professional help it is a frustrating and time consuming process requiring determined persistence on the part of you and your wife.


If your priority date is current or if you are a US Citizen, then it can sometimes take the NVC anywhere from 4- 6 weeks to set up your case. You can always call or email the NVC regarding this issue.

If you are a green card holder and your priority date is not current, then you will have to wait to hear from the NVC.
Once your case is set up by the NVC, you will have to pay the AOS fees, prepare the DS-230 form, affidavit of support and submit original documents as requested (if case is not electronically filed).

You should consider either hiring an attorney for this phase or at least consulting one to make sure that you provide the correct documents. Remember, after the NVC processing the case is set up for the consular interview.

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It takes about one month or so for you to receive a fee bill. You will have to pay all the fees before you can proceed.


Yes but it will be different depending on where your spouse is now.

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