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I was married in 2006, my husband is still going through a common law divorse , he was with the other woman since 1985 til

Levittown, PA |

2005 am I legalelly married to my husband . we live in pa.

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Although "Common Law" marriage has been eliminated in Pennsylvania,they still can exist if proven to exist before 2001.If your husband is going through a "common law divorce" it appears that whoever is representing him believes that such a marriage existed from the period beginning in 1985.If that is the case there may be a common law marriage that has to be dissolved.You have not provided enough information to determine what led to your husband or the other side to file such an action.However,it appears that the validity of your marriage could be affected.I would consult an attorney in your area as soon as possible.

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Your current marriage could be an issue if he is still "married" to the other wife. A lot more information would be needed for anyone to provide you a proper answer to your question.

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