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I suspect my wife is cooking something to avoid her psychological evaluation?

Miami, FL |

In a divorce, and custody battle, a gal recommended an psych. evaluation to both of us.
I am almost done with mine. She has not even started. This a woman who lied to a judge and tried to get a restriction on me last Sept. 25, the same day of our mediation. The judge dismissed everything. We have another day for mediation at the end of this month, but she has not even started her psych. evaluation. I am acting pro se. Will be smart from her or her attorney to try to get another restriction on me? I do not trust this lady, and I need to be on alert at all times. Should I remain calm? I do not trust her at all.

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If the court ordered you both to get evaluations, and she does not, the court is likely to take action against her for failing to follow the order. I don't know what restriction you are talking about it, but it sounds as if your best course of action is to, indeed, remain calm and also to seek legal counsel. If you already don't trust someone AND you are involved in litigation, it is even more difficult to trust them, and it really helps to have someone on your side who understands the legal system and can help you make the best choices. Even though it sounds as if you have been handling the situation well so far.

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Ms. Morcroft has given you excellent advise to seek legal counsel regarding your wife's lack of compliance with a Court Ordered evaluation. I am not sure if your reference to a "restriction" equates to a restraining order, but I advise you to continue to proceed with caution. You might want to see if the GAL will assist in getting the Court to enforce the order of psychological evaluation that the GAL requested.

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