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I senior and get medicare Medicaid. I have a spend down and need lawyer to fight how my spenddwn mid yr. was$48 now$157

Brooklyn, NY |

I am on a fix income pennyless no one cares and I have no secondary hospital I need to fight for my rights since my spenddown went from $48.00 and went up mid yrs to $157.00 I have no money to do these spenddown when Medicaid pays for the drs. I pay for my medicine. Sometimes it down not add up to $157.00 I ask for a fair hearing and need legal council to help since I am disable.

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It does not sound like you can afford a lawyer so I suggest you look for an agency that might provide you with one.

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You should contact Legal Aid Services for assistance.

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With your spend down at $157.00, you can reduce it only by utilizing a Pooled Income Trust or during a fair hearing having Medicaid reduce your spend down. Unfortunately, the costs to have an attorney represent you in this is more than you indicate you can afford. Perhaps a local legal aid society or elder law clinic can assist you.

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