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There are many competent DWI attorneys in the Houston area. For " the best" you can expect to pay upwards of $25K for a DWI. But, in some cases, even "the best" may not be able to get the charge dismissed. Do your research, meet with several attorneys and hire that attorney that you trust to handle your case irrespective of his/her fee. Remember, when you purchase the services of an attorney, you are purchasing his/her time and attention to your case along with his/her expertise and experience. You wouldn't buy the first car you drove at a car lot, as least not without taking a couple for a spin to make sure it was "the one". Do the same for when you choose an attorney.

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Any attorney who is a member of the National College of DUI Defenders can assist you. To be a member you must be good at DUI law.
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I generally agree with Ms. Shipman.

I do not agree that membership in any particular organization to be an excellent DWI defense lawyer. Many of us were successfully defending DWI cases without belonging to such organizations decades ago.

However, DWI law is based on some scientific and some "pseudo-scientific" ideas. For that reason, DWI defense often, but by no means always, requires that defense counsel be familiar with some basic concepts of chemistry and physics.

DWI law also involves common prinicples of search and seizure law that govern when a law enforcement officer is permitted to stop a motor vehicle.

I have never personally believed that any lawyer simply had the "magic" to make a case go away.

None-the-less, there are lawyers who make DWI a focus of their practices. Some of these men and women are very, very good. Some are very, very expensive. Some, I suspect, do no better than less well known attorneys.

One way to sort out this situation would be to interview several lawyers who advertise DWI defense. As part of that interview, ask each them whom he or she would retain if you do not retain him or her. If you start to get the same names, perhaps that will guide you. But, there are never any guarantees in this business. This is because no lawyer has control of the entire process. The result depends on judge, prosecutor, law enforcement, defendant, and defense counsel to name some of the factors involved.

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The best thing to do is to call some of the lawyers you are interested in hiring. You should act quickly because you will lose the right to ask for your Administrative License Revocation hearing after 15 days. This hearing can be an important part of your defense. We handle DWIs in Fort Bend, but there are a lot of other good attorneys who do as well. You want to choose the one who seems to be able to answer your questions, has a good reputation and makes you feel comfortable.