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Hyphenated last name

Sacramento, CA |

If I hyphenate my last name do I have to always sign both? If I use my maiden name as middle name will I have a problem with my credit cards if I don't change my name on them.

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I can say, both as a legal opinion and from personal experience, that if you want to keep your life nice and simple, then keep it nice and simple; doing the things you describe MIGHT not cause a problem, but they COULD, and when and if they do, it won't necessarily be convenient to fix.

Whether you're going to hyphenate your last name, or change to your spouse's last name, or use some other name completely, make the decision, and follow the decision.

Change EVERYTHING so that everything matches everything else: Driver's license, Social Security card, passport, bank account and credit card accounts, etc.

Then sign your name the same way, consistently. Why would you change it, other than to make your life WAY more complicated?